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better worldlove voices... our chorus is performing holiday events around the seattle area  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udHpxfu1b1w

better world... an exciting ensemble led by marc smason is on the scene! the band plays fusion to bebop, vocal ballads to latin grooves & r&b. our new cd, "earthlings", is available!

los buhoslos buhos... latin music from around the western hemisphere - guitar, voice, trombone & percussion with laura oviedo, marc smason, alex conga and bruce barnard. son, bossa, rhumba, bolero and more in a unique setting! we have a new demo available.  

chicago 7the chicago 7... organized by trombonist, marc smason, the band is a salute to, and extension of, the polyphonic early hot jazz styles of new orleans, chicago and new york.   

one loveone love... an engaging street band - tuba, horns & percussion - playing music of planet earth at community events, concerts, festivals, rallies, parades, parties and anywhere!                  

katatonicsthe katatonics... this unique ensemble really can get a party jumping! marc smason leads the group in the styles of klezmer, tango, swing and rhumba.

marc also plays with the free world, la banda gozona and other bands in the seattle area

marc smason | 206-261-6445 | email

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